Autism Recovery Resources of Washington (ARROW) Autism Recovery Resources of Washington (ARROW)

Autism Recovery Resources of Washington (ARROW)


Our mission is bringing awareness of the crisis of autism by providing information, education, and hope to parents and professionals. We provide resources, support, and information to those affected by autism. Our focus on biomedical interventions- because we want families to be able to do something NOW to help the quality of their children’s lives.

ARROW is a parent founded, parent driven volunteer organization- we receive no money for our work. As parents of children with autism, we understand your journey. We offer our support to families affected by autism in their lives. We can help by providing information and mentorship, and hope to be able to offer financial assistance in the future thru fundraising and donations.

ARROW needs your help! Children with autism need to receive proper medical and therapeutic treatments to help them recover. Please consider making a donation to help make a difference for children in our community. We will proudly display your business logo and link .

ARROW is focused on helping families recover their children. Washington state is suffering from a severe lack of services for children with autism. Your donations can help.

Autism Facts:

1. 1 in every 88 children in America is being diagnosed with autism.

2. 80% of the population with autism is under the age of 18?

3. Due to the neglect of the Federal Government to fund autism research, our kids are the most uninsured and non-funded disability population in the United States.

4. The US government spends over $50,000 per year for each case of AIDS/HIV, yet funding and research for autism is under $50 for each case.

5. In Washington state, of all childhood diseases and disorders, autism is the most underfunded. Until 2011 over 95% of employers insurance refuse to cover autism therapies.

6. Less than 10% of children with autism are getting the services and biomedical treatments they need to reach their full potential?

7. Children with autism who go without services often become recipients of government aid- they become the financial responsibility of every taxpaying person in America.

8. Children who get biomedical and therapy treatments they need are often able to live independently, and some recover so fully that they no longer have autism. Recovery is possible!

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Volunteers Needed!

Contact Us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for ARROW.

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